A MOSQUE: A Symbol of Islam


Pastor Mohamed Alim Mursalin

Operation Crescent Moon (OCM) is a Ministry founded by Pastor Mohamed Alim Mursalin and it specializes in reaching Muslims anywhere in the world.

OCM provides training for local churches that are interested in reaching Muslims in their communities and elsewhere. The training is conducted by means of seminars on a wide range of topics on Islam.  In addition it helps local churches to develop strategies for Muslim Evangelism and provide valuable opportunities for field experiences in Muslim Communities in Guyana. These field trips include visits to mosques and homes of Muslims under very safe and non-threatening conditions.

 Pastor Mursalin was born in Guyana into a very strong Muslim family. He was in training to become a Muslim priest and by the age of eleven years was   to recite in Arabic, all one hundred and fourteen surahs of the Qur’an. 

 In 1973 he had an encounter with Jesus, which changed his entire life and perspective about God.  Coming from a Muslim background, it was not easy for him to serve the Lord, several times his life and that of his family were threatened by Muslims radicals, but the Lord was faithful in His protection.

 Today, he is pastoring two churches in Guyana and focusing heavily on Ministry to Muslims.  So far he has travelled to eighteen countries conducting seminars and equipping local churches on Muslim evangelism.


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