Islamic Education And Awareness
Seminar Outline

This awareness seminar focuses on key issues relating to the underworld of Islam.  It exposes the sinister nature of the Qur`an and explore the entire realm of the spirit world of Islam.

 Critical subjects areas includes:

  1. Terms relating to Islam
  2. The master plan of Islam
  3. In what ways Islam poses the greatest challenge to Christianity?
  4. Muslim strategies for achieving and maintaining control of the world
  5. Why is it difficult to penetrate Islam?
  6. Roots to Muslim aggression
  7. Allah: the strongman of Islam
  8. Spirit world of Islam: Jinns
  9. The spirits of Islam
  10. The concept of Jihad: Nature and Practice
  11.  Keys to breaking the power of Islam
  12.  Leading a Muslim to Christ
  13.  Christology: Biblical and Qur`anic
  14. Can there be peaceful co-existence between Muslims, Jews and Christians



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